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Mulberry is a British brand of top class leather, since the early 70 s, has produced the most innovative avant-courier senior leather. In 2000, Mulberry appointed Nicholas knightley (Nicholas Knightly) as a designer, more established its elegant, high-quality brand image, and popular in the international market in the short term, the United States, Asian market is bullish on the way.British label Mulberry, who was selected by Downing Street to provide the gifts, is known for its celebrity following. They even named a bag after one of its biggest fans, Mulberry outlet,Alexa Chung and followed this up with the Del Rey for singer Lana.
Mulberry bags leather, hua liang material lets decorative pattern character not concealed is buried blank, line is concise in the design that holds a changeful expression concurrently, heavy and complicated and contracted intertexture, classical with halfback coquettish, individual character is dye-in-the-wood show a woman cannot be defined and mysterious however fetching the good impression that love.
Mulberry products are developed for the original, handmade, do manual work is delicate and exquisite. Novel styles, selected materials, fashionable and durable, make many supermodels, female are Mulberry loyal FANS.
Mulberry, Mulberry brand founder Roger Saul, since established in 1970 in rural Somerset Mulberry Bags leather goods after the kingdom, will be the spirit of time and space background, surviving and leather goods genuine materials and exterior originality is compelling, for Mulberry in Europe and the red one of the important factors.Just when you thought the Obama ladies had cornered the market on White-House style, Mulberry outlet,the prez is stepping it up with a fancy new monogrammed bag — a Mulberry satchel worth over $2K. The gift came courtesy of the coveted English brand during the G8 Summit in Ireland earlier this week.

Mulberry of the last century the British established, and the majority of boutique brands with a long history, once into the trough, but since 2000, new investment after the injection, let Mulberry Mulberry brand rapid transformation, more in September 2004 was awarded "the British Fashion Council" (the British Fashion Council) issued by the "annual Best accessories design" (Best Accessory Designer 2004), is a must for brands. Mulberry Handbags, Mulberry brand by younger, more pockets, buckles, rivets, beautiful and practical design, again is popular all over the world.This week Mulberry found a new It Crowd to honor with the monogrammed freebies, gifting one personalized bag to Vladmir Putin, one to President Barack Obama, She succeeded fellow British designer Stuart Vevers - who left to head up Loewe - in the role of creative director at Mulberry Outlet, and took the brand in a new, highly-successful direction, playing on its English countryside roots and putting a larger focus on the brand's clothing collections. and one to each of the other six world leaders gathered at Enniskillen, Ireland for the G8 Summit. Granted it’s probably harder to sit front row there than it is to sneak in the Grand Palais, but we’ll have to hoard a crapload of USB sticks to get on par with that swag.
Mulberry specializing in leather products, the factory is located in the southwest of England in the exquisite craft, combined with practical, original and leather tactility, the unique creative design, beautiful style, to the classic antique style.Mulberry handbags thick and thick leather smell, widespread use of the metal rivet, and cingulate, old copper metal parts, it is tempting to medieval Europe, a bit clumsy and dreamy castle knights, which churns out replicas can't imitate the legend. Much to the chagrin of Mulberry's elusive Singaporean owner, Christina Ong, who wrestled the company from founder Roger Saul in a nasty boardroom coup ten years ago, it doesn't seem to have the global clout she desired.Due to pay special attention to material, so the same Mulberry bag (Mulberry outlet) under different leather production, presents the flavor also is not the same, like exotic Congo, rough Scotchgrain leather, leather and fine quality of the British Matt glove leather, durability, of course, both paths, but with different dyeing, anyone can find the most suitable pigment, as if tailor, make many fashionable men and women are hard to resist the charm.