This demonstrates a versatile metod of getting dates in lots of formats.

Choose from the parameters below and type them in the TextBox below and click on the button.

You can use Literal characters or strings in the text (note the hyphens in the one below.

You don't need to give the facility to your Web Clients - this is just a demonstration.

Template items (example)
%m Month as a decimal (2)
%M Month as a decimal (with leading zero) (02)
%B Full month name (February)
%b Abbreviated month name (Feb )
%d Day of the month (23)
%D Day of the month (with leading zero) (23)
%O Ordinal of day of month (eg st or rd or nd)
%j Day of the year (54)
%Y Year with century (1998)
%y Year without century (98)
%w Weekday as integer (0 is Sunday)
%a Abbreviated day name (Fri)
%A Weekday Name (Friday)
%H Hour in 24 hour format (24)
%h Hour in 12 hour format (12)
%N Minute as an integer (01)
%n Minute as optional if minute <> 0
%S Second as an integer (55)
%P AM/PM Indicator (PM)